Farm safety during grain harvest

Ten Tips For Safety On The Farm

eKonomics News Team

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Whether you are planting, spraying, or applying fertilizer, farming can be one of the most dangerous jobs. Hazards should be regularly identified, and caution should be used no matter what task is being performed. From operating machinery to mixing chemicals, the eKonomics team has prepared these ten tips to keep safety top of mind while on the farm.

  1. When operating equipment with gears, pulleys, and sharp edges, wear tight-fitting clothing, remove jewelry, and keep long hair under a cap or tied back.
  2. Make sure everyone has the proper training and reads the operating manual before using a piece of equipment.
  3. Check that lights, flashers and reflectors work properly, and use a slow-moving vehicle emblem when traveling on roadways.
  4. Always wear the proper personal protective equipment when handling fertilizers and chemicals. At a minimum, wear goggles, chemical gloves, face shield and a chemical-resistant apron.
  5. Keep protective screen/covers on grain augers and do not reach into a grain auger while it is running.
  6. Locate power lines before moving a portable auger to avoid line tangles and electrocution.
  7. Never enter a grain bin without following proper safety precautions. Do not enter when grain is being moved, have a reliable method of communication with someone outside the bin and use a safety harness.
  8. Always tell someone where you will be working and when you will be done. In case of an accident, someone will notice if you do not show up at the right time and can enact the proper safety procedures.
  9. Test fire and smoke alarm systems on a regular basis (once or twice per year).
  10. Create a farm safety resource center with procedures, emergency contacts and first-aid kits that all employees can access in case of an emergency. Review and update information annually.