Ideas, information and insights from real farmers on effective crop nutrient management strategies.

Harriet Wegmeyer

Wegmeyer Farms | Hamilton, VA

My husband, Tyler, and I began our farm with just two acres of pumpkins in 2002 and have since expanded to two farms with more than 200 acres of farmed land. We run a diversified operation that includes a vibrant u-pick operation, large wholesale pumpkin…

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Jerad Day

Black Oak Cattle Company | Sturgis, KY

Our farm was started by my great grandfather in the 1930’s and has been passed down through the family since. I was away from the farm for a few years and moved back seven years ago to work part-time on the farm and take over…

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Dave Legvold

Northfield, MN

Recognized as a 4R advocate for his efforts to safeguard the environment through proper nutrient management, Dave Legvold is a great example of a grower looking to continually improve his operation. He has farmed near Northfield, Minn. for almost 40 years and worked with agriculture…

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Ron Moore

Moore Farms | Roseville, IL

A family farm since 1913, I am the third generation that has raised corn and beef cattle here. My son, who represents the fourth generation, just started farming this spring.

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Mike Marron

Marron Farms | Fithian, IL

Our farm was settled in 1867 by my great-great-grandfather. We have steadily evolved over the years, going from a joint livestock and grain operation to strictly growing corn and soybeans.

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