Ideas, information and insights from real farmers on effective crop nutrient management strategies.

Corn & Soybean Yield Trends

Since the drought of 2012, we have experienced healthy production for both corn and soybeans across the U.S. The question is – just how good has it been? Read More

The Nitrogen Cycle

Nitrogen is one of the most essential nutrients for plant growth. Although nitrogen gas in the atmosphere represents the largest quantity of the nutrient in the environment, it’s unavailable to most plants as a direct source. Read More

The Sulfur Cycle

Sulfur is an essential macronutrient needed by plants to perform a variety of functions. In this live webinar, Nutrien Senior Agronomist Dr. Cristie Preston shares how sulfur plays a vital role in plant development, and what factors throughout the sulfur cycle should be considered when… Read More

Live Agronomy Panel #1

eKonomics agronomists deliver a depth and range of industry experience. Their dedication, insight and talents provide you with credible, product agnostic, and infinitely valuable expertise that is hard to find anywhere else.   Read More

Tissue Sampling Demonstration

This webinar discusses nutrient deficiency symptoms often develop during the growing season, or when weather events raise questions about the availability of nutrients to a crop. Read More

Common Fertilizer Calculations

In this webinar hosted by eKonomics, Nutrien Director of Agronomy Dr. Robert Mullen teaches common fertilizer calculations used to determine fertilizer rates, prices. Read More

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