Ideas, information and insights from real farmers on effective crop nutrient management strategies.

Crop Response to Micronutrients

Micronutrients are essential plant nutrients needed in small quantities. Many soils contain adequate amounts of micronutrients, and additional micronutrient fertilizers are not necessary. Read More

Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers

Enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) are forms of fertilizer, including nitrogen fertilizers, designed to reduce nutrient losses to the environment and increase nutrient availability to crops. These fertilizers can either slow the release of nutrients for uptake or alter the conversion of nutrients to other forms… Read More

Salt Index of Starter Fertilizer

Salt index is a reliable, relative measurement used to determine the salt strength of differing fertilizer materials. It allows one to differentiate the potential impact of fertilizer materials placed near a germinating seed. Read More

Soil Testing and Nutrient Removal Trends

An inventory of soil-test levels across North America is published by The Fertilizer Institute (formerly IPNI) every five years, and a new inventory is due out this year from data collected in 2020. Read More

Corn & Soybean Yield Trends

Since the drought of 2012, we have experienced healthy production for both corn and soybeans across the U.S. The question is – just how good has it been? Read More

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