From the Fields.

Ideas, information and insights from real farmers on effective crop nutrient management strategies.

Calculating ROI For Fertilizer Management Practices

Dr. Cristie Preston, Senior Agronomist for Nutrien, discusses the Nutrien ROI Calculator with AgriTalk. The ROI calculator allows farmers to input site-specific data from their farm to calculate their return on investment for different fertilizer management practices. She also discusses how spatial variability can impact your application strategy in conjunction… Read More

Tapping Into Geographic Data For Your Crop Nutrition Plans

Nutrien Senior Agronomist Dr. Cristie Preston speaks with AgriTalk about a geographic tool that measures several data points related to nutrient removal and fertilizer consumption rates. Several states are seeing high removal and depletion rates and a lack of adding the nutrients back into the soil, and she discusses the… Read More

Post Harvest Best Practices

Dr. Robert Mullen, Director of Agronomy at Nutrien, joins Inputs by Top Crop Manager to discuss best practices after harvest, utilizing what you learned and observed from the past season to optimize your crop for next year. Read More

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