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Ideas, information and insights from real farmers on effective crop nutrient management strategies.

How should a farmer sample for diagnostic purposes?

Like most production issues, nutrient deficiencies rarely affect an entire field. When there are areas that are exhibiting suspected nutrient issues, here is the best way to go about determining what the likely issue is. Ideally, plant tissue and soil samples should be collected for… Read More

Will K applied to my field change my pH levels?

Potassium application will not change the pH of your soil. Soil pH is an important soil characteristic to manage because low soil pH can affect root growth. Poor root growth can translate into many nutrient deficiency issues, including potassium deficiency. Read More

What time of year is best to apply K?

There is not really a best time of the year to apply K. The goal of fertilization is to ensure that adequate K is available within the soil to supply plant nutrient demand, so timing is not especially critical. There are, however, a few exceptions… Read More

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