Soil Management

Pick Up Protein Levels and Yield with Nitrogen Timing

eKonomics News Team

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If you’ve noticed a drop in crude protein levels in your grain crop, you could also be losing out on yield. It might be time for a closer look at your nitrogen management strategy. The amount of available nitrogen in the soil is directly linked to crop yield and protein level.

To produce high protein grain crops, you need to manage nitrogen applications for optimum yield and protein level. It’s all in the timing. Early in the crop growth stage, from tillering to early stem extension, the plants use nitrogen for yield. In the later stages of growth, from stem extension through heading and ripening, available nitrogen goes towards increasing grain protein content.

So, if you are looking to boost crude protein level and yield, take a closer look at your nitrogen management strategy. When soil nitrogen levels are low, crop yield and protein level will also likely be low.

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