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Preparing Alfalfa for Winter with Potassium

eKonomics News Team

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One of the most important aspects of managing alfalfa is stand maintenance. The goal is to maintain as many healthy individual plants as possible to keep quality up and minimize weed infestation. One way to help maintain a healthy stand is to ensure adequate potassium nutrition going into the winter. Pennsylvania State University recently published an article on this very issue.

Good potassium nutrition helps alfalfa to produce and move carbohydrates to the root system and thus, to improved winter survivability. Ideally, Penn State recommends potassium applications be made after the last summer cutting. Applications made later in the fall (October or later) would have limited time for carbohydrate production and transport to the roots. Therefore, by assuring adequate potassium nutrition, alfalfa root storage of carbohydrates can ensure over-winter survival.

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