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Farmer Tips

Ten Tips For Safety On The Farm

Whether you are planting, spraying, or applying fertilizer, farming can be one of the most dangerous jobs. Hazards should be regularly identified, and caution should be used no matter what task is being performed. Read More
Farmer Tips

Robert Mullen Offers Five Tips For Spring

Dr. Robert Mullen, Nutrien’s Director of Agronomy and eKonomics contributor, has prepared several tips to aid farmers in taking advantage of every potential opportunity to maximize their yield. Don’t underestimate the value of starter fertilizer, especially in northern areas of the Corn Belt and in… Read More
Audio Interview

Fertilizer Rates and the Importance of Soil Testing

With this year’s drought-induced poor yields, many farmers may have the temptation to assume the majority of crop nutrients they put in the ground are still there. Dr. Mullen points out that may not necessarily be the case. Read More

Academics & Agronomics

The eKonomics team supports continual learning and education to expand your knowledge in the field. Whether you’re a farmer, agronomist, scientist or crop advisor, there is always more to learn about this industry that is constantly growing and evolving. Read More
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Harriet Wegmeyer

Wegmeyer Farms | Hamilton, VA

The eKonomics Farmer Profile Series provides an inside look at farms across the US, sharing a peer-to-peer perspective for eKonomics readers. These profiles showcase the efforts of farmers nationwide to ensure healthy, plentiful yields in order to feed…

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