Soil Management

Precision Ag: Key Technology to Manage Your Farm

eKonomics News Team

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It’s no secret that Precision Ag technology is expanding and evolving quickly. The technology has created an opportunity to enhance farm management practices and improve environmental and economic performance. So the question is what role does Precision Ag have in your fertilizer program? In our two-part series on Precision Ag, we’ll discuss specifics like Nutrient ROI applications in soil grid sampling and the implications of Precision Ag on Nutrient Removal.

It is important to remember a few things when exploring this subject for any farming operation:

  • Conditions vary from field to field and even within a given field, but we don’t have to venture too far to find the person who knows that field the best.
  • Today with Precision Ag, we can treat and observe each square yard of ground differently.
  • Have a good understanding of the role 4R Nutrient Stewardship can have with precision ag on your farm.
  • Meetings between retail agronomists and farmers can be helpful in unlocking the full value of data your Precision Ag system generates.

There’s a common misconception that Precision Ag technology understands things that farmers, agronomists, and retailers don’t. The truth is, a Precision Ag system is like an extra set of eyes that can report back to you, your tractor, and your agronomist so that future decisions can be made with greater accuracy and confidence.

How could you personally benefit from letting grid/zone soil sampling maps and combine yield monitor maps speak to you in unison? The information obtained should help identify areas of your farm that require special attention. Ensuring that nutrients are applied at the right rate and right place will go a long way in producing a healthier, higher yielding, and more profitable crop.

Guaranteed, there are areas in your field that hold great potential for maximizing fertilizer return on investment. The question is how can you unlock that value? Tools such as the Nutrient ROI Calculator and Nutrient Removal Calculator help identify that potential value. The following series of articles will provide examples of how eKonomics can be used to give you information on the value of nutrient management in the Precision Ag programs being used on your farm.