Antonio Mallarino

Antonio P. Mallarino, Ph.D.

Iowa State University

Professor of Agronomy

Since starting his career in 1976 at the University of Uruguay, Dr. Antonio Mallarino has played an integral role in industry-leading agronomics and nutrient management research for nearly 40 years. Currently a professor of agronomy at Iowa State University, Mallarino’s focuses his efforts on soil and tissue testing, fertilizer placement methods, variable-rate technology and phosphorous management impacts on water quality. Known as the pioneer of precision agriculture technology, Mallarino has led groundbreaking research and contributions toward several key advancements in agronomy, including the development of the Iowa Phosphorus Index and the Iowa Nutrient Export Reduction Strategy. For his work over the years, Mallarino has been recognized among some of agriculture’s most prestigious publications and associations. Mallarino’s impressive research history, coupled with his extensive agronomics experience, makes him an invaluable resource to help farmers drive their business forward.