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Optimize Cotton Yields with Proper Fertility

Mike Howell

Mike Howell

Mike Howell


Senior Agronomist

Growing up on a university research farm, Mike Howell developed an interest in agriculture at a young age. While active in 4-H as a child, Howell learned to appreciate agriculture and the programs that would shape his career. Howell holds a Bachelor of Science degree in soil science and a Master of Science degree in entomology from Mississippi State University. He has more than 20 years of experience conducting applied research and delivering educational programs to help make producers more profitable. He takes pride in promoting agriculture in all levels of industry, especially with the younger generation.

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Cotton fertility can be quite challenging for many growers. Too little available nutrients will lead to reduced yield and quality, while excess of some nutrients will cause the plant to grow more vegetative and reduce yield as well. Maintaining the proper balance of nutrients is critical to produce high yielding, high quality cotton. North Carolina State university recently updated their recommendations for cotton fertility. These updates, as well as information on fertilizer timing and placement are discussed in detail in the attached publication. Click here for more information.